We work with leading bad credit mortgage experts to find you the right deal in a wide range of circumstances. Our network of bad credit mortgage specialists have a track record of arranging affordable deals for people with poor credit in the following situations:

  • Low credit score
  • No credit history
  • A history of late payments
  • Missed mortgage payments in the past
  • Defaults on loans
  • County Court Judgements (CCJs)
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs)
  • Debt management schemes
  • Bankruptcies

If you have any of the above and have been refused a mortgage in the past, don’t let that hold you back. Wherever you are in your search for a mortgage, our bad credit mortgage brokers will to try help.

How can a bad credit mortgage specialist help?

When you’re looking for a bad credit mortgage broker to find you the right deal, you should only work with those who:

  • Are independent and search the whole of the market
  • Give you direct access to the deals
  • Have plenty of experience
  • Operate a reasonable and fair fee structure (no hidden fees!)
  • Have a happy and loyal band of previous customers

Bad credit mortgage experts can be split into two groups: those who work for you; and those who work for specific lenders. Working with an independent broker who is not tied to a specific lender means the number of mortgages they can access is unlimited, so they’ll be able to find the best deal on the market, rather than just the best deal offered by a specific lender.

People often come to us after searching for a mortgage without success. Many are happy to hear that there is a mortgage out there for them, it’s just about knowing where to look. We work with a network of bad credit mortgage experts who know precisely where to turn to find the most affordable mortgage for you.

The mortgage market changes constantly. It might be that there’s a mainstream lender that offers the best deal to meet your particular situation, or you might need a more flexible approach offered by a specialist bad credit (sub prime) lender. The good news is that there are new deals coming out all the time, with lenders amending their criteria on almost a daily basis as mortgage lending continues to expand in 2015.

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