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We specialise in raising funds on properties which high street lenders have little interest in. Not all mortgage applications are the same, most applications can have complications that many main stream lenders find undesirable, Whether it’s missed payments or unique properties we try our best to help.

Many Mortgage Brokers specialise in certain areas. We work with a variety of companies to help find the deal most suited to your needs. We look at your current circumstances and point towards the most suitable broker based on what you’re trying to achieve.

We offer Mortgages and Secured Loans on buy to let properties for any purpose and can cater for various property types – Semi commercial, Buy to let or HMOs. We can offer a range of Bridging Finance that can be tailored to your individual needs, whether you’re looking to buy at auction or purchase a property that’s currently not habitable we can help.





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The information on the site is not tailored advice to each individual reader, and as such does not constitute financial advice. All the advisors we work with are fully qualified to provide mortgage advice and work only for firms who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. They will offer any advice specific to you and your needs. By making an enquiry you accept that your information will be passed to one of the specialists.

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All of our specialist mortgage advisors provide a free initial mortgage consultation with no-obligation, so if they can’t help you find a better deal, all you will lose is a couple of minutes of your time.

There may be a fee for the service depending on the complexity and size of your mortgage; however, this will be discussed and agreed with you before your application is taken any further, so you’ll fully understand your position every step of the way.

As with any mortgage website, we cannot provide advice as we do not know the specifics of your situation, so any information contained within this website should be seen as a guide, and does not constitute financial advice. Once we put you in touch with an advisor, that’s when you’ll receive expert assistance that’s specific to your needs.