What personal information might be collected?

As mortgage criteria is so vast, if your situation is not straightforward you may have found that many high street mortgage advisors and brokers are not used to handling your application. The advisors we pass you to are different in that they specialise in different areas, whether that is Self-employed, Ex-pat, Buy-to-let, Adverse credit etc. It is therefore important for us to define your situation using the forms on this website, so you can be triaged to the best possible qualified expert, someone who handles such enquiries every day. Therefore we will ask you various questions regarding your specific situation.

We may receive personal information in a variety of different ways on a large number of pages on our website. You will be prompted of the exact questions in the forms through which we record this information, including information relating to your deposit; income; credit history; and dates of birth to name a few. We will also collect contact details so your advisor and us can contact you, and your postcode so we can try to place you with a local advisor. Details to do with any visits to our site by you along with any resources you have used may also be collected.

You will know what details we are obtaining as you will be able to see whatever it is that we are requesting. If you contact us either through our website or outside of the website, a full record of that correspondence may be kept. We promise to always use any information given to us by you solely in a manner related in some way to the initial purpose for which it was given.

It is entirely your choice whether you want to provide us with any personal information. If you don’t choose to that is fine, however, we may not be able to assist you if our assistance is what you desire. When personal details are entered onto our website, they will be being entered within a secure online environment.

Under the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 you can, for a fee (max. £10). ask us for a copy of any information held on you and to have any inaccurate information removed or changed. To do this, please contact us either on the phone or via email.


Where is your data stored?

Your data will never be stored in any location outside of the European Economics Area (EEA). Unfortunately, although highly unlikely, we could never guarantee that information sent to us via the Internet is 100% completely secure. Although we will always do our utmost to protect your personal information, it is not guaranteed. Any personal information is sent to us at your own risk. Once data is received we use strict procedures and take advantage of specific security features to attempt to avoid unauthorised access.


IP Addresses and Cookies

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A cookie is stored on your own hard drive and is given to us when you visit, it tells us how you have been using the website in the past. This can optimise your experience on a website to best suit you.

To disable any cookies you can set your browser to disable any cookies or to warn you when a website is trying to put a cookie on your computer. Disabling cookies may disturb the user experience or disable certain services and functionality that our website offers.

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